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How TV Can Effect What Your Child Eats:

Kid watching will have impact on their food habits

TV time can take a toll on pediatric nutrition. Why? Most of the kids spend a reasonable amount of time in front of the television. Research shows they are easily influenced to choose the foods they see advertised. Some of the foods shown in commercials don’t do them any favors when it comes to feeding their growing brains and bodies. Many are high in Trans fats, added sugars, calories and they often lack vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Each day while watching TV, children typically see between 10 and 13 advertisements that promote some type of food or beverage. Almost 90% of these advertisements have been shown to be high in ingredients that are recommended for children to limit. Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative to improve the advertising of food targeted towards children under age 12, more than half of the advertisements that were approved in 2014 did not meet the nutrition recommendations established by various government agencies.

Following ways can be helpful for children to know the value of nutrition food.

  • Avoid watching TV while eating.
  • Watch children’s programs without advertisements.
  • Spend time together learning about foods.
  • Let kids help in the kitchen.
  • Set limits around screen time.
  • Be a good role model.

Pediatric Nutrition Conferences tries to bring the latest research and challenges in the field of nutrition to improve well-being and overall health of children through right nutrition.

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